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What Do We Do

Here at Exclusive Bats, our shop carries bats of all makes and models. Our bats are the same ones you will find at any other retailer, and we offer price match guarantee on all of our products. On occasion, we can offer better pricing on our products. So if you’re shopping on a budget, feel free to contact us for a potential discount. In addition to offering quality equipment, we also specialize in bat rolling and bat shaving services.

We market our products through various company web sites, including Amazon, Google, eBay, and at our main office in Miami, FL.

Why Are We The Best?

Here at ExclusiveBats we do things a little different. First before we shave or roll your bat we take the time to call every single customer to go over your swing, ball compression or if it needs to pass bat testing compression and several other questions that will guide us on what amount your bat should be shaved to give you the best combination of performance and durability. We don’t just ask for a “shaving level” as that is just playing a guessing game with your bat. Imagine you’ve saved 2 months to purchase your first ever bat but you lack the power or you’re just a beginner or an extreme power house. So you order “level 2” from other competing sites. Does that mean the bat will perform the same for all 3 buyers? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! We take the time to call everyone to figure out what so called level you will in fact need to get the most out of your newly shaved bat. So ask yourself this question how will they know if a player requires level 1 or level 10? How will my competitors know this if they don’t interact with the every buyer? If you have any questions regarding our process please don’t hesitate to call us: Toll Free at 800-859-BATS (2287) or Local at 786-505-BATS (2287)

Exclusive Experience

Keeping a tight-knit group of sales representatives is what separates us from many other sporting goods companies. Our team is made up of people who are passionate about the sport. Virtually everyone you come across in our company or on the phone plays and knows the game.

With different associations having different rules and high-end products being made of a host of different materials, it can be confusing to know what equipment suits your needs, especially for beginners to the sport. As a service to our customers, we pride ourselves on knowing the answers to all of your pertinent questions and leaving you satisfied with your unique Exclusive Experience.

In the sporting goods industry, we are one of the most efficient companies when it comes to delivering your equipment. We know how important a new bat is to you, so getting it in your hands is a high priority. You can count on our reliable team to process every order we get within the same business day so that you receive your bat as soon as possible.

Since our headquarters is located on the East Coast, all of our orders throughout the United States will be delivered to your doorstep within one week, no matter where you are. We also ship worldwide and can help get the products delivered to you in a timely fashion.

Turn to Exclusive Bats today so you can hit a home run at your next game!

-Exclusive Bats Staff

Exclusive Guarantee

We guarantee you'll love the bat or your money back!

We also guarantee if you order a bat to pass compression, it will PASS compression!

Please understand that a bat that passes compression will not perform as hot as a bat that fails compression. Our guarantee is based on you putting 30-40 swings to get a feel for the bat this is our ExclusiveBats Promise to you!!

Customer Confidentiality Privilege.

Customer privacy is a major priority at ExclusiveBats, and we take great care to protect your information. The ExclusiveBats Privacy Policy lays out the ways in which we gather and protect information, and how you can control your personal information.

We may collect information relevant to you in three ways. First, we may collect information directly from you. This could be as part of your interactions with ExclusiveBats personnel, such as at our retail stores or during phone calls, or when you provide information via our digital properties such as websites or mobile apps.

We will use your information to meet your expectations and give you a great experience with ExclusiveBats. For example, that could be to fulfill a purchase, provide a service, make our digital properties run better, or maintain our ExclusiveBats® Rewards program.

Rest Assure that ExclusiveBats DOES NOT have a black book or a customer data base that will incriminate any customer of ours. I myself Rob Maya will NOT disclose with anyone who's bats have been done at our facility no matter the level you participate in. 

Our goal is to make sure we have 100% trust from our customers as we build relationships along the way and not just consider you a $ symbol.