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2024 Genesis 2 Piece USSSA Endload Bat

2024 Genesis 2 Piece USSSA Endload Bat

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Shaved Rolled Polymer
Introducing our second Slugger Slow Pitch 2024 Online Exclusive Bat! This 2 Piece USSSA bat with a 13" Barrel has been designed and built exclusively for Slugger Slowpitch. Built on the newest platform with our upgraded PowerXcoil Composite Technology with a 0.5 oz Endload, this bat will rip through the strike zone for more power and bat speed.  Fully tested, certified and approved for USSSA, NSA & ISA players! This Game changing bat will let you hit beyond your limits!

Don't miss out as there will not be any restock of this bat! #swingslugger
  • Online Exclusive Genesis 2 piece design
  • 13" Barrel
  • PowerXcoil Composite Technology
  • 0.5 oz Endload bat
  • Pyramid Grip
  • Free Shipping

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Here at ExclusiveBats we use motorized bat rollers to ensure that your bat is consistently spinning as we progressively apply pressure to the bat, that will guarantee your bat does not get any flat spots that you normally get when you use manual rollers. Here at ExclusiveBats we DO NOT believe in heat rolling composite bats as they are Fiber Reinforced Plastics and we all know whathappens to plastic in heat. Heat rolling aluminum & composite bats is SCAM also known as upselling.