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2022 Monsta Mad Hatter 12.5" USA/ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

2022 Monsta Mad Hatter 12.5" USA/ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

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Shaved Rolled Polymer

The Monsta Mad Hatter is back and available now at Headbanger Sports!  The 12.5" Monsta is available in 25 oz Torch and 26 oz Fallout Platforms. Designed to absolutely crush the 52/300 and 52/275 Low Compression Softballs, this bat is a must have! The new re-release offers Monstas M5 cold weather composite which is built with their Non-Linear design.  This model is designed to hit in weather 50 degrees and warmer safely. 

This Limited Edition Exclusive 2022 Monsta Mad Hatter Slowpitch Softball Bat offers a 12.5-inch barrel length, midloaded swing weighting, and is specifically designed for USA Slowpitch Softball Leagues and Tournaments.

Product Features:

  • Special Limited Edition Model
  • Only 350 Bats Created Total in total
  • Hot out of the wrapper build
  • 12.5" Barrel Diameter 
  • 2 1/4 inch Barrel Diameter
  • Two-Piece Mid-Loaded Design
  • M5 Monsta Barrel Technology
  • 3500 Handle 
  • 25 oz: 200 Bats, 26 oz: 150 Bats
  • Built for LC 52/300s, and 52/275s ONLY.  Do not use these with higher compression balls. 
  • Legal for play in all USA (Formerly ASA) Leagues and Tournaments

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Here at ExclusiveBats we use motorized bat rollers to ensure that your bat is consistently spinning as we progressively apply pressure to the bat, that will guarantee your bat does not get any flat spots that you normally get when you use manual rollers. Here at ExclusiveBats we DO NOT believe in heat rolling composite bats as they are Fiber Reinforced Plastics and we all know whathappens to plastic in heat. Heat rolling aluminum & composite bats is SCAM also known as upselling.