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2023 DeMarini Larry Carter 13" SSUSA Senior Slowpitch Softball Bat: WBD2346010

2023 DeMarini Larry Carter 13" SSUSA Senior Slowpitch Softball Bat: WBD2346010

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Shaved Rolled Polymer

Enjoy an elite blend of power and control. Introducing the 2023 DeMarini Larry Carter Signature Senior Slowpitch Softball Bat, the two-piece hybrid stick engineered for a slowpitch legend. Ideal for players looking to maximize barrel control while driving the ball for extra bases, this bat pairs a 13” midload Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel design with a stiff ZnX Alloy Handle for elite bat speed and energy transfer on contact.

The 2023 DeMarini Senior Larry Carter Senior Softball bat offers the standard 2 1/4" Barrel, massive 13 inch Mid Loaded Barrel, and stiff ZnX Alloy Handle.

Product Features: 

  • Larry Carter Signature Model
  • 13" Barrel Length 
  • 2 1/4" Barrel Diameter
  • Composite Barrel Design
  • Colorway: Red / White / Rooster
  • Midloaded Swing Weighting 
  • Continuous Fiber Barrel Wall Construction 
  • Stiff ZnX Alloy Handle
  • 1.21 BPF Approved for SSUSA Senior Slowpitch Softball Leagues and Tournaments. 
  • No Warranty Product

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Here at ExclusiveBats we use motorized bat rollers to ensure that your bat is consistently spinning as we progressively apply pressure to the bat, that will guarantee your bat does not get any flat spots that you normally get when you use manual rollers. Here at ExclusiveBats we DO NOT believe in heat rolling composite bats as they are Fiber Reinforced Plastics and we all know whathappens to plastic in heat. Heat rolling aluminum & composite bats is SCAM also known as upselling.